proLine - The fourth dimension

ecoLine/proLine 400 CNC

The patented 3-axes concept significantly simplifies the entire system for maximized reliability and uptime. The patented movable workrest axis (W-Axis) allows for additional grinding processes and even complex profiles can be ground.  The loading and unloading of the workpieces is always outside of the grinding zone, allowing simplified and safe automation or safe manual loading.

The TSCHUDIN proLine system additionally features a fourth CNC axis (Y-axis, Patent US 9,085,059) to move the regulating wheel vertically in order to eliminate the need to adjust the workrest blade height and to keep the grinding geometry consistent throughout the entire grinding process.

For highest demands on profile accuracy, a grinding spindle housing made from Invar to further reduce thermal influence and ultra-precise (UP) linear slides are optionally available.

Almost completely digitalized processes will facilitate a technology transfers to other manufacturing locations.


Simplicity as the pre-requisite for reliability and precision.


Machine concept – less parts means more reliability

Grinding process – consistency by mastering the thermal growth


Set up process– digitally stored setting data to recall

Operation process– Anyone can reproduce identical results

ecoLine/proLine 400

  ecoLine 400 CNC proLine 400 CNC
CNC Axis 3 4
height adjustable regulating wheel
Grinding range plunge grinding up to ∅ 180 mm (4") up to ∅ 180 mm (4")
Max. grinding length plunge grinding 280 mm
280 mm
Plunge angle straight straight
Grinding range through feed grinding up to ∅ 100 mm (3") up to ∅ 100 mm (3")
Grinding wheel OD x Width/Bore ∅ 410 x 280/203.2 mm
∅ 410 x 280/203.2 mm
Regulating wheel OD x Width/Bore ∅ 254 x 280/127 mm
∅ 254 x 280/127 mm
Drive power grinding wheel 15 kW
(20 hp)
15 kW
(20 hp)
Option (increased power) 29 kW
(39 hp)
29 kW
(39 hp)
Speed steps grinding wheel infinitely variable/v-constant infinitely variable/v-constant
Peripheral Speed grinding wheel max. 63 m/sec max. 63 m/sec
Speed range regulating wheel infinitely variable
5 ‐ 1000 rpm
infinitely variable
5 ‐ 1000 rpm
Option PC front end PC front end
Dimension incl. electrical cabinet    
Length x Width x Height 2860 x 2660 x 2080 mm 2860 x 2660 x 2080 mm
Weight approx. 9500 kg
(20000 lbs)
approx. 10000 kg
(21500 lbs)

Tschudin AG



TSCHUDIN AG is an international high-tech company based in Grenchen, Switzerland. 


 A specialist designer and manufacturer of CNC centerless grinding machines for global markets. 

Neckarsulmstrasse 41, CH-2540 Grenchen

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